Bank robbery arrest

Police presence outside the apartment complex in High Ridge where a suspected bank robber was arrested today (Oct. 28). 

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office deputies and SWAT team members arrested a 27-year-old Florissant man suspected of robbing a bank today (Oct. 28), Sheriff’s Office spokesman Grant Bissell said.

The man was arrested at about 11:30 a.m. following a standoff at a High Ridge apartment complex, Bissell said.

The man allegedly had robbed a bank this morning in Shady Valley and then led deputies on a chase for about nine miles to the apartment complex, where shots were fired and the suspect temporarily barricaded himself in an apartment with a woman, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

Following the arrest, the man was taken to Jefferson County, and the Sheriff’s Office is seeking charges through the Jefferson County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.

Bissell said the Sheriff’s Office recovered a gun they believe the man fired at a deputy.

The deputy returned fire after the suspected bank robber allegedly shot at the officer once. No one, including bystanders, was injured during the pursuit, shooting or arrest, Bissell said.

The pursuit began after 9:54 a.m. when the Sheriff’s Office was alerted to an armed bank robbery at First State Community Bank, 4555 Old Hwy. 21, in Imperial. Bissell said moments after the robbery, a deputy saw a gray Mercedes with an Illinois license plate fleeing the bank on Old Hwy. 21.

Bissell said the FBI is handling the bank robbery investigation, and that the Sheriff’s Office did not have information about the robbery.

The deputy pursued the Mercedes onto northbound Hwy. 21. The suspect then turned onto Hwy. 141 and traveled towards St. Louis County, Bissell said.

The Mercedes then traveled onto westbound Hwy. 30 towards High Ridge. A deputy put down a pair of spike strips on Hwy. 30 didn’t stop the Mercedes. The suspect turned onto Little Brennan Road and then onto Emerson Road before entering the Walden Pond Apartment complex off Walden Lane, Bissell said.

“We are not sure why he entered the apartment, whether it was convenient or if he knows the area,” Bissell said.

After entering the complex, a man got out of the Mercedes and began to run from deputies. The man allegedly fired one shot at a deputy, and the deputy then returned fire, Bissell said.

Bissell said he did not know how many times the deputy fired his gun.

The suspect then entered an apartment building. He tried to force his way into an upper floor apartment, and then he went down one floor and forced his way into a woman’s apartment, Bissell said.

He said officers were able to get into the apartment and arrest the man without incident. The woman was not harmed, Bissell said.

First State Community Bank also had been robbed on Oct. 24. That robbery occurred at about 10:35 a.m., when a man entered First State Community Bank and allegedly gave a teller a note demanding money. He then provided the teller with a bag, Bissell said, and the teller put money in the bag.

The man then took the bag and note and left the building through the front doors. He got into a silver or gray vehicle and fled north on Old Hwy. 21, Bissell said.

Bissell said the Sheriff’s Office does not report how much money is stolen during robberies. He also said the Sheriff’s Office did not have information about what was written on the note or if the man threatened the teller.

“The circumstances, obviously, are similar, but I can’t say if it is the same person or not,” Bissell said.