Eureka Police patch

Eureka Police recently were contacted by several people about a Jefferson County man who reportedly was seen at West Frisco Park in Eureka wearing a wolf mask and waving a toy baby doll arm while attempting to interact with children, Capt. David Wilson said.

The man was not attempting to draw children away from adults, who also were at the park, and he did not appear to have malicious intent, police reported.

The incident happened about 5:30 p.m. Feb. 22.

At one point, the man reportedly held a plastic eye from the mask in his hand and told a child, “I got my eye on you." Afterwards, the man told officers he likes children and plays Santa Claus at Christmas. He said he gives toys to children in need and gives stuffed animals to police officers to give to children, the report said.

After discovering the man was from Jefferson County, the officer contacted the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office. That agency reported it had not received reports of the man doing something similar in its jurisdiction, according to the report.

The officers told the man he was not being cited for criminal activity, but advised him he should not try to interact with children in that way. He left the park soon after in a maroon Chevrolet Lumina.

“If anyone has any contact similar in nature, they should contact the police (at 636-938-6600),” Wilson said.