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A man and woman from the Hillsboro area were arrested for allegedly stealing a backpack from a locker in the Jefferson College Field House in Hillsboro. The theft was reported about 2 p.m. Feb. 15, and Jefferson College Campus Police used a tracking app on a cell phone from the backpack to find the suspects, Police Chief Don Riffe said.

He said a female student-athlete reported the theft.

“The backpack contained her personal cell phone,” Riffe said. (Officers) were able to trace the phone to the area of Jefferson College Drive and Hayden Road.”

An officer drove to the site where the phone was traced and found a man and a woman walking along the road.

“He rolled down his window and yelled to them to stop,” Riffe said. “They took off running and ran across Hwy. 21. He chased them in his car, intercepting them and deterring them. Both were very uncooperative.

“He requested backup, and a Hillsboro Police officer and a Sheriff’s Office deputy responded. The stolen backpack was found inside a backpack of one of the suspects. The student’s cell phone was found in the median between northbound 21 and southbound 21.”

Riffe said the two suspects were arrested and taken to the Jefferson County Jail, where their identities were uncovered and it was learned they were wanted on warrants from other jurisdictions.

He said he did not have the ages of the suspects.

“(The suspects) are not affiliated with the college,” Riffe said.

Videotape has aided in the investigation, he added.

“We have extensive video coverage across our campuses,” Riffe said. “We hope that deters crime.”

He thanked Hillsboro Police and Sheriff’s Office personnel for their assistance in the incident. He also praised his officer and credited the phone app for aiding in the recovery of the stolen items and capture of the suspects.

Riffe said the stolen items were returned to the victim. However, the phone was damaged in the course of events, he said.