divorce decree

The following dissolution of marriage cases recently were filed with the Jefferson County circuit clerk:

Belinda K. Mueller, Arnold, v. John J. Mueller, Vancouver, Wash.

Amy L. Haddox, Cedar Hill, v. Shane A. Haddox, Imperial.

Erin Schepis, Eureka, v. Jason Schepis, Eureka.

Shane T. Wilson, Pacific, v. Polly L. Wilson, Pacific.

Thomas Stockwell, Crystal City, v. Stephanie Stockwell, Herculaneum.

Timothy D. Powers, Arnold, v. Tiffany M. Powers, Imperial.

Danette M. Weiss, De Soto, v. Christopher L. Weiss, Imperial.

Zijada Tasic, Arnold, v. Suleiman Tasic, Arnold.

Penny Brinker, St. Peters, v. Douglas L. Brinker, Fenton.

Phillip A. Stubblefield, Festus, v. Jody L. Stubblefield, Ironton.