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The Jefferson County Health Department wants to help anyone who has a goal for a fresh, healthy start in 2020.

The Health Department is starting a new program called 202020 at the start of the new year designed to help people develop new, healthy habits, and the program is free.

“It’s a 20-week challenge; we have 20 different habits to make all of 2020 a better year for people,” said Victoria Dickinson, a healthy lifestyle coach with the Health Department.

The program will start Jan. 1 and end May 20, she said.

Dickinson said the program will encourage people to eat nutritious foods and take part in healthy activities.

“One of our habits will be making sure you read before bed,” she said.

Dickinson said she will have weekly one-on-one sessions with all those who participate in the program to help them set goals and put new habits into practice.

She said the sessions will be either in person or by phone.

She said anyone who completes the 20-week program will be entered into a drawing for a prize.

“I am hoping it (the program) gets them in the right mindset,” she said. “Generally, when we make small changes over time, it leads to bigger results and big changes.”

Brianne Zwiener, communications specialist with the Health Department, said 82 people had signed up for the program as of Dec. 19.

Dickinson said anyone looking to join the program can sign up online at