Students who will live in a 182-home development being built in the Springdale area between Arnold and Fenton will at¬tend Guffey Elementary School, after Fox C-6 school officials made an adjustment to their school boundaries.

The Fox Board of Education voted unanimously Dec. 17 to move the de

velopment from the attendance area for Meramec Heights Elementary School, which is at 1340 W. Outer 21 Road north¬west of Arnold, to Guffey, 400 13th St., in unincorporated Fenton.

The subdivision, which is being built on both sides of Saline Road, will be called Valley at Winding Bluffs.

McBride Homes is developing the subdivision, and the company contacted Fox officials to ask for the change to the district’s map, said Randy Gilman, assistant superintendent in charge of elementary education. Gilman told the school board that no current students will be affected by the change.

Guffey has 472 students this school year, and Meramec Heights has 582 students, said JP Prezzavento, Fox’s com¬munications and instructional technology coordinator.

Gilman said he doesn’t expect “a ton of students” from Valley at Winding Bluffs, and Meramec Heights could prob¬ably accommodate the new students, but it makes sense to add them to Guffey instead.

“Guffey could actually use a few more student bodies,” he said. “(Meramec Heights) is pretty full. They are basically at capacity.”

Fox chief financial officer John Brazeal told the board the district typically anticipates one student per every three homes. That means Valley at Winding Bluffs most likely would add about 61 students to the district’s population.

Gilman said McBride offered to provide a new playground at Guffey El¬ementary in exchange for the adjustment to the district’s map.

He said a new playground at Guffey is needed because the current playground is in an area that floods.

“When we do get some flooding, that playground takes a hit,” he said.

Gilman said the change would not greatly affect bus routes because the subdivision is close to both schools, and buses currently travel through the area to transport students to Guffey and Meramec Heights.

The Valley at Winding Bluffs sub¬division is being built just southwest of the Winding Bluffs subdivision, which is being built on 143 acres at the end of 13th Street, just south of Guffey Elementary School, McBride and Sons marketing director Erin Hankins said.

Winding Bluffs will have 352 homes when it is completed. As of March, 150 of the homes in Winding Bluffs had been sold, said Catherine Moore of McBride Guffey LLC.

Valley at Winding Bluffs also is next to a small group of homes located in the Meramec Heights boundary, but students who live in those homes attend Guffey.

Because of the current gap between Guffey’s primary boundary line and the two new subdivisions inside Meramec Heights’ boundary, Brazeal recommended the board look to redraw the boundary lines to make both school’s attendance areas continuous.

“I think the boundary adjustment should be different than what is just (Mc¬Bride) property,” Brazeal said. “I think there are adjacent properties that should be considered for transfer between the two attendance areas.”

Brazeal told the board the district could rezone the attendance areas for the two schools in a way that would not change where current students go to school because there is undeveloped land that can be used to connect Guffey’s current fractured boundary.

The board decided it would consider whether to make a bigger change to the attendance areas at a later date.