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Marijuana grown for medical purposes will not be a cash crop in Jefferson County.

However, one marijuana transportation business has received a license to set up shop in Festus, joining another business that will be allowed to open a marijuana testing facility in Herculaneum.

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services announced Dec. 23 that Bold Lane Logistics, LCC, is among 21 businesses to be awarded a transportation license. The facility is to be located at 2285 Hwy. 61-67 in Festus.

On Dec. 19, DHSS announced that GCA Inc., which will operate at 1535 McNutt St. in Herculaneum, has received a license to run a lab testing facility.

Cultivation licenses were issued Dec. 26 and the DHSS did not approve any of the 11 applications to operate a cultivation facility in Jefferson County.

Nine companies, with two submitting applications twice for the same site to have expanded growing capacity, had applied for licenses to grow medical marijuana.

“We are shocked and deeply disappointed that our locally owned and highly qualified group’s application for a medical marijuana cultivation facility license was rejected by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services,” said Jason Fulbright, a Ward 1 Councilman in Arnold and real estate agent. Fulbright is one of four owners of Bright Green Missouri.

Bright Green Missouri planned to open a growing facility at 5601 Hwy. 61-67 in Imperial. The group also has applied for state licenses to operate dispensaries in Imperial and Herculaneum and a manufacturing facility in Imperial.

The DHSS said licenses for manufacturing facilities are expected to be announced approximately on Jan. 10, and dispensary licenses are expected to be issued approximately on Jan. 24. Licenses for seed-to-sale facilities are expected to be announced by Jan. 31.

“We strongly believe that our team can provide the people of Missouri with the highest quality and safe medical cannabis products,” Fulbright said. “We are not a group of big out-of-state investors with deep pockets who threw hundreds of thousands of dollars at high priced consultants. 

“We put forth a very detailed application with plans to grow indoors right here in Jefferson County. We eagerly await the state’s announcement for manufacturing and dispensary licenses. We plan to appeal this decision and will exhaust every lawful remedy available to us.”

Other companies denied cultivation licenses in Jefferson County were:

■ North Medical Group, LLC, 9001 Hensley Road, Hillsboro (two applicatons for site)

■ Robust Missouri, 7079 Whitewater Drive, Dittmer (two applicatons for site)

■ North Medical Group, LLC, 9001 Hensley Road, Hillsboro

■ CMOY, LLC, 1255-1275 N. Truman Blvd., Festus

■ Festus 1140, LLC, 1140 Huber Street, Festus

■ Missouri Marijuana Group, LLC, 2753 Flucom Road, De Soto

■ Green Licious Cultivation, LLC, 6850 Hwy. 61-67, Imperial

■ Green to Cure, Inc., 12912 Rodal Acres, De Soto

The state issued 60 cultivation licenses from the 578 applications. The applicants for the growing facility licenses were scored in a blind process before the licenses were awarded. The facilities being licensed are the top-scoring facilities that meet all eligibility requirements, the DHSS said.

Missouri voters legalized medical marijuana in November 2018.

“Throughout this entire process, it has been important to us to be fair and transparent as we implement all pieces of this program,” said Lyndall Fraker, director of the DHSS Section for Medical Marijuana Regulation.

“This is why we chose to employ a ‘blind’ application scorer who had no access to applicants’ identifying information.”

The DHSS is reviewing 2,272 statewide applications, including 38 seeking different licenses to operate in Jefferson County, it announced Sept. 11.

The majority of businesses seeking a state license to operate in Jefferson County are for dispensaries, with 25 of those sites proposed, according to the DHSS.

The DHSS said each facility application must be approved or denied within 150 days of the date on which the application was considered complete.

As of Dec. 6, the state of Missouri had approved 23,409 applications for medical marijuana cards, according to the DHSS.