city of arnold logo, 2015

The city of Arnold has an updated logo.

Some of Arnold’s most heavily traveled roads will get some much-needed repairs this spring and summer, and all the city streets will get new freshly painted striping.

City Council members voted unanimously April 15 to spend $543,846.06 on the road repairs and striping.

NB West Contracting of Pacific was awarded a contract for no more than $500,000 to repair and replace as much asphalt as those funds will allow at up to 18 locations around the city.

NB West submitted the lowest of four bids for the work with the company estimating all the work at those locations to cost $609,809.

Traffic Control Co. of Valley Park was awarded a $43,848.06 contract to stripe the city’s streets and the parking lots at City Hall and the Public Works Department. The company submitted the lowest of three bids for the project.

Arnold Public Works Director Judy Wagner said NB West Contracting is expected to finish at least 13 street repair projects this year.

She also said she hopes NB West Contracting can complete four other street projects and one parking lot project within the $500,000 budget.

Projects that are expected to be completed include two sections of Church Road – the first from Jeffco Boulevard to the bridge over I-55, and the second from the bridge to Old Lemay Ferry Road.

Work also will be completed at the intersection of Church and Old Lemay Ferry roads, and on Missouri State Road from Old Lemay Ferry Road west to Maxville Gardens.

Work also will be completed on four sections of Old Lemay Ferry Road. One section runs from Church Road to its intersection with Old Lemay Ferry, another runs from the traffic signal at Arnold Commons to Hwy. 141, the third is at the intersection with Arnold Commons, and the fourth stretches from south of Church Road to the seam of the last overlay project.

NB West also will complete work on Tenbrook Road from Jeffco Boulevard to the east; on the eastbound right-turn lanes at Richardson Road and Jeffco Boulevard; on the westbound right-turn lanes at that same intersection; on Astra Way from Hwy. 141 to Lonedell Road; and on the side of Stardust Drive that runs behind the Lowe’s store.

Wagner said after those projects are completed, she hopes NB West can take on work on Villa Drive, Farmcrest Drive, Bender Road, Lone Star Drive and the Public Works Department parking lot at 2900 Arnold Tenbrook Road.

Wagner said the street work is expected to start in mid-May and must be completed by Aug. 12.

“The city asks that residents and drivers be patient during the street projects and use caution when approaching and driving through work zones,” Wagner said.


Wagner said Traffic Control will paint about 108,000 feet of solid stripes between lanes and 17,000 feet of broken up stripes between lanes, along with stop bars, directional arrows, railroad crossings, school crossings, cross walks and other markings.

She said the company will have 60 days to complete the work, which will be coordinated with the street asphalt and repair projects.