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Here for you: Kramer, Hand, Buchholz and Partney law firm is advocate for seniors

The Kramer, Hand, Buchholz and Partney law firm provides legal services in many areas to a varied client base, but the firm’s attorneys particularly enjoy lending a hand to the over-60 crowd.

“We as a law firm have truly made a concerted effort to be dedicated to seniors’ needs,” partner Sarah Burton Partney said.

And those legal needs are varied, she said.

“When you think of elder law, you think of it in terms of receiving government benefits,” she said. “But seniors need help with guardianships, with trusts, wills and estate planning, with bankruptcy issues. Some grandparents are involved in custody cases involving their grandchildren.”

In addition to lending a legal hand, the firm helps out in other ways, partnering with long-term care facilities around the holidays.

“We started by helping out with children’s parties, but then we started calling senior facilities and asked if we could help with their Christmas parties,” Partney said. “Most places, we were the first call they ever got about that.

“We also work with the Public Administrator’s Office, which has a gift wish list of people in facilities who have no family to even send them a card,” she said. “We get the names of those people, write them a card and buy them gifts. It’s heartbreaking what they ask for – underwear, deodorant, a T-shirt. We also try to get them something nice, like a box of chocolate. Everyone in the office just loves doing it.”

Attorneys from the firm also try to attend events geared to seniors.

“If we just sent a staff member, all they’d be able to do is hand out business cards,” she said. “We enjoy talking with them (seniors). We try to be as accessible as possible.

“And for seniors, and for really everyone, we try to work with them,” Partney said. “If they feel comfortable coming into the office, that’s great. If they want to do a telephone conference or just a simple phone call, we’re here for seniors.”

Kramer, Hand, Buchholz and Partney has offices in Hillsboro, Arnold and Ste. Genevieve.

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