Debra Grice of Festus says her late dog, Teequn mothered her brother dog.

Debra Grice of Festus says her late dog, Teequn, always mothered her brother dog.

Here’s a photo of Mr., a standard French poodle, and Teequn, a French mastiff, taking a nap together in 2018 at their Festus home, owner Debra Grice said.

Teequn was 3 and Mr. was 6 months old. As the older of the pair, Teequn always mothered Mr., Grice said.

“He slept on her half his life,” Grice said. “They were best friends. She helped raise him.”

Unfortunately, Teequn died earlier this year at age 4.

Grice said her family has four dogs.

“I’ve had dogs my whole life,” she said. “They’re loving.”

Grice said Mr. is the one who is most attached to her.

“I also have two Chihuahuas and a Shih Tzu,” Grice said. “Mr. is my shadow. He’s my companion. He follows me everywhere. He’s even jealous of my husband.”

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