2-11-20 pet spot

Priscilla is an older cat, who sleeps a lot but is a good companion, her owner Mary Lou LaFloure of Crystal City said.

Priscilla is a friendly cat, said her owner, Mary Lou LaFloure of Crystal City.

“She was just on the back of a chair looking outside,” said LaFloure, who submitted a photo taken at their home. “She’s very laid-back and old. She’s 14 or 15.”

LaFloure said Priscilla loves having the house to herself, but also enjoys company.

“She loves people, which is unusual for a cat. We get along together.”

LaFloure said she can only guess at Priscilla’s breed.

“Just a white cat with a little bit of a black mask and a black tail,” she said. “She’s a rescue from the Humane Society in St. Louis. My late husband, Pat, picked her out for his 70th birthday.”

Priscilla is not active, which is fine with LaFloure.

“She sleeps a lot at this point in her life,” LaFloure said. “That’s OK.”

LaFloure said Priscilla is her buddy.

“She is a good companion,” LaFloure said. “She’s very affectionate.”

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