Teresa Inserra's Doberman pinschers

Leader staffer Teresa Inserra said her family’s Doberman pinschers, Max, in front, and Gus, are not as fierce as they look.

Teresa Inserra, a Leader staff member, said her family’s pet Doberman pinschers, twins Gus and Max, 3, are not the fearsome creatures many people imagine.

“They’re not stereotypical Dobermans,” she said. “They’re afraid of other dogs.”

They have distinct personalities, said Inserra of Bonne Terre.

“Max is a troublemaker,” Inserra said. “He has a fun, teasing personality. He loves to play. He’s a spoiled brat. He will go to his brother and whine until he licks his ear.

“Gus doesn’t understand the concept of playing ball. He’ll get the ball and keep it. He’s grumpy sometimes.”

The pair enjoy the outdoors.

“They like to go on hikes,” she said.

Gus and Max are good pets for the family, Inserra said.

“They love everybody they meet as long as they get petted,” she said.

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