Noelle Church Michler sent in this photo of her late dog, Freckles.

Noelle Church Michler of Barnhart sent in this photo of her late dog, Freckles.

Freckles, a Brittany spaniel, may be hard to see sitting in the snow and leaves in this December 2015 photo, but it brings back good memories of the beloved dog, owner Noelle Church Michler said.

She said Freckles was 10 when the photo was taken at the Michler home in Barnhart, and he died not long afterwards.

“He had a fabulous personality,” Michler said. “He was a people lover, playful.”

Michler said her family prefers the Brittany spaniel dog breed.

“I am on my third Brittany spaniel,” she said. “Freckles was my second. They are highly intelligent, fast learners and very dedicated to their owners.”

Michler said Freckles was a great hunting dog.

“They’re bird dogs. They’re a breed that needs to run. I have room for them to run.”

She said her current Brittany spaniel is named Ramses.

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