Lemon Honey Chicken and Stuffing, Marinated Danish Cucumbers

Lemon Honey Chicken and Stuffing with Marinated Danish Cucumbers.

Chicken has always been a favorite with children and adults alike, largely because of its versatility. It is delicious fried, baked, barbecued or cooked with dumplings.

This Lemon Honey Chicken and Stuffing recipe is yet another way you might enjoy the popular meat. It’s not your typical poultry-seasoned chicken dish. It has a flavor all its own.

If you’re looking for a different side to go with the chicken, this recipe for Marinated Danish Cucumbers will work well. Both dishes are sure to be a hit with the whole family.


1 (14 1/2-ounce) can chicken broth

2 medium carrots, shredded (about 1 cup)

4 cups commercial seasoned chicken stuffing mix (any brand)

3 large chicken skinless breast halves, cut in half length-wise

Salt and pepper to taste

2 tablespoons honey

2 tablespoons lemon juice

1 tablespoon chopped fresh parsley or spoon dried parsley flakes

3 lemon slices, cut in half

In a large saucepan mix broth and carrots. Over medium-high heat, bring to a boil. Remove from heat and add stuffing. Mix lightly.

Spoon into greased 3-quart shallow baking dish. Arrange chicken over stuffing. Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes.

Mix honey, lemon juice and parsley. Brush honey-lemon mixture over chicken. Place one of the halved lemon slices over each piece of chicken.

Bake an additional 10 minutes more or until chicken is no longer pink. Remove chicken and stir stuffing.

Serve one-half chicken breast with helping of stuffing while hot. Makes 6 servings.


3 cucumbers, peeled and thinly sliced

1 tablespoon seasoned salt

1/2 cup white wine vinegar

1/4 cup water

2 tablespoons sugar

3/4 teaspoon dill weed

1/2 teaspoon black pepper

2 tablespoons thinly sliced red onion

In a large bowl, combine cucumbers and seasoned salt, blend well. Cover and refrigerate 2 hours; drain thoroughly.

In a small jar with tight-fitting lid, combine remaining ingredients (except onion); shake to blend well.

Pour over cucumbers, add red onion slices. Cover and refrigerate for several hours or overnight.

Serve ice cold. Makes 6 servings

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