The Jefferson County Health Department reported 79 new COVID-19 cases today (July 30), including 40 at a long-term care facilities in the county.

Mass testing was done at a long-term care facility, contributing to those 40 cases, according to the Health Department.

With today’s 79 new cases, the county has had a total of 1,370 cases since the pandemic began in March.

Of the county’s total cases, 398 are open, or active, ones, the Health Department reported.

Despite the steady rise in cases over the past few weeks, there have been no COVID-19 deaths reported in the county since July 16, and the total number of deaths from the disease in the county remains at 25, according to the Health Department.

However, Health Department Director Kelley Vollmar has said that with the increase in cases, deaths are likely to increase as well.

Health officials urge residents to practice social distancing, wear masks and take other steps to limit the spread of the virus.

The Health Department also encourages residents to pay attention to the agency’s system that warns about the level of threat to the community from COVID-19 at any given time. The system uses a green, yellow or red guidance status to indicate the level of threat.

Currently the county is at the yellow guidance status, which means people should continue taking preventive steps to curb the spread of the virus.

The system also has a green level, which is less restrictive, and a red level, which would have more restrictions in place.

For more information about the system, go to

County coronavirus stats

Of the county’s total cases, 1,264 are lab-confirmed cases and 106 are probable cases, according to the Health Department.

In addition, 83 county residents have been hospitalized due to the coronavirus, the Health Department reported.

The Health Department also reported today that 29 of the county’s cases were transmitted through travel, 630 were from contact and 711 are unknown.

According to the Health Department, 515 of the county’s coronavirus cases have been men, 685 cases have been women and 170 are unknown.

The confirmed COVID-19 cases in the county include 33 people younger than nine, 83 people 10 to 19 years old, 220 people 20-29 years old, 166 people 30-39 years old, 187 people 40-49 years old, 195 people 50-59 years old, 148 people 60-69 years old, 80 people 70-79 years old, 63 people in their 80s or older and 195 unknown.

The Health Department also reported that cases in the county have been reported for the following ZIP codes: 278 cases and 141 recovered cases in 63010 (Arnold), 56 cases and 34 recovered cases in 63012 (Barnhart), 44 cases and 31 recovered cases in 63016 (Cedar Hill), 18 cases and 15 recovered cases in 63019 (Crystal City), 58 cases and 44 recovered cases in 63020 (De Soto), 16 cases and nine recovered case in 63023 (Dittmer), 21 cases and 14 recovered cases in 63025 (Eureka), 141 cases and 99 recovered cases in 63026 (Fenton), 192 cases and 150 recovered cases in 63028 (Festus), one case and one recovered case in 63047 (Hematite), 15 cases and 11 recovered in 63048 (Herculaneum), 86 cases and 61 recovered cases in 63049 (High Ridge), 59 cases and 38 recovered cases in 63050 (Hillsboro), 76 cases and 54 recovered cases in 63051 (House Springs), 169 cases and 116 recovered cases in 63052 (Imperial), one case and one recovered cases in 63065 (Mapaville), seven cases and two recovered case in 63069 (Pacific) and 33 cases and 25 recovered cases in 63070 (Pevely). Another 99 cases do not have ZIP code information.

Long-term care facilities

Of the county’s total cases of the coronavirus, 305 have been at long-term care facilities, which includes residents and staff members who live inside Jefferson County.

Jefferson County has had at least eight COVID-19 outbreaks in long-term care facilities, Vollmar said.

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) defines an outbreak as one or more residents testing positive for the virus or one or more staff members who have worked within a facility in the 14 days before testing positive.

Of the county’s 25 COVID-19 deaths, 18 have been in long term-care facilities, the Health Department reported.

The Health Department also reported that of the total number of cases at long-term care facilities, 110 are active ones, and 177 have been released from isolation. Residents in long-term care facilities go through two quarantine periods before being released from isolation.

Also, according to the Health Department, 22 people from long-term care facilities have been hospitalized.

State, U.S. stats

As of today, Missouri had 48,834 positive cases of the coronavirus and 1,233 deaths related to the disease, according to the DHSS.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reported the U.S. had 4,405,932 cases, which includes 65,935 new cases, and a total of 150,283 coronavirus-related deaths, including 1,417 new deaths, as of today.

Anyone who shows coronavirus symptoms or who has questions should call the Missouri State Hotline at 877-435-8411 or the Mercy Clinical Support Line at 314-251-0500. For more information about COVID-19, visit