Details for Northeast Sewer Williams Creek Watershed


Sealed proposals for the construction of the WILLIAMS CREEK
WATERSHED – GRAVITY SEWER for the Northeast Public
Sewer District will be received by the OWNER until 2:00 p.m. on
August 12, 2021 at the District Office, 1041 Gravois Road, Fenton,
MO 63026, where at that place and time said proposals shall
be publicly opened and read aloud. Any bids received after such
date and time shall be returned unopened. The Information for
Bidders, Form of Bid, Form of Contract, Plans and Specifications,
Bid Bond, Performance Bond, Payment Bond and other Contract
Documents may be examined at the following locations:
• Northeast Public Sewer District, 1041 Gravois Road,
Fenton, MO 63026
• Drexel Technologies, 135 A Weldon Parkway,
Maryland Heights, MO 63043,
The project may be viewed online at
at no charge. Copies may be obtained at the office of Drexel
Technologies, 135 A Weldon Parkway, Maryland Heights,
MO 63043, or through a download, or purchase of a CD from
Drexel Technologies. The non-refundable charge for Plans
and Specifications shall be determined by through the website.
Questions should be directed to Mr. Bob Hembrock, Executive
Director, at Northeast Public Sewer District’s Office. Jefferson
County, MO 636-343-5090 Ext. 226. The award of the Contract
on this project shall be predicated upon competitive bidding, with
award being made to the lowest responsive, responsible bidder.
Said lowest Bidder shall be determined by summarizing the subtotal of, Bid Schedule “A.” One contract will be awarded for the
work. The District reserves the right to reject any and all bids and
to waive all informalities in the bids. No bids may be withdrawn
for a period of ninety (90) days subsequent to the specified time
for receipt of bids.