Details for Jefferson County Public Works Bridge-Bourne Creek

STP-5403 (693)
Notice is hereby given to all interested persons that a public open house
meeting to view the proposed improvements to the Hillsboro House Springs
Road Bridge Replacement Project over Bourne Creek will be held at Valley
Middle School located at 4300 Gravois Road, House Springs, MO 63051, on
Tuesday, October 5th, 2021 from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM in the Library. Access
is available for individuals requiring personal assistance. The purpose of this
open house public hearing is to introduce the proposed project to the public.
Written statements will be received and made part of the public hearing record if
received within ten (10) working days after the date of the hearing. The presently
slated improvements are as follows:
Jefferson County, Missouri, is proposing a bridge replacement on Hillsboro
House Springs Road Bridge over Bourne Creek. The existing structure is
considered structurally deficient. The proposed structure is a pre-cast concrete
arch structure that will be 36’ wide x 110’ long. New revetment rock is
planned to line the creek banks to prevent erosion. A concrete bridge barrier
will be installed on the structure with guardrail installed along the approaching
roadway. Roadway work will be necessary to tie-in grades and the existing
roadway. The total length of the project is 600 feet.
Tentative schedules for right of way acquisition and construction can be
discussed at the hearing.
“Please be Advised: Members of the County Council
may be in Attendance at the Meeting”
If you require personal assistance at the public meeting, please notify the
Jefferson County Department of Public Works by September 28th, 2021 at
636-797-5428 so that arrangements for services can be made.
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