Details for Comtrea Mental Health Outpatient



The Jefferson County Community Mental Health Fund Board

(JCCMHFB) in partnership with COMTREA Comprehensive
Health Center has made funds available in the form of grants in the
amount up to $250,000 for calendar year 2020. The JCCMHFB
is soliciting proposals from qualified agencies who serve the
population in Jefferson County, MO with children and youth mental
health outpatient services.
Copies of the detailed request for proposal (RFP) can be
obtained at
The RFP includes a description of professional services that will
be considered for the awarding of grants, the content required to
complete and submit an RFP for funds, along with the factors used
to evaluate and select potential awardees.
For more information, contact the Jefferson County Community
Health Fund Board at or (636) 296-6206 ext
All RFP responses to the JCCMHFB must be submitted by September
3, 2019 at 5:00pm.