Details for Carrollton Bank 1925 Richardson Rd.


Notice is hereby given that Carrollton Bank, Carrollton, Illinois, has
made application to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
for consent to establish a branch bank at 1925 Richardson
Road, Arnold, MO 63010. Any person wishing to comment on
this application may file his or her comments in writing with the
Regional Director of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
at its Regional Office, 300 South Riverside Plaza, Suite 1700,
Chicago, Illinois 60606, before processing of the application has
been completed. Processing will be completed no earlier than the
15th day following either the date of this publication or the date
of receipt of the application by the FDIC, whichever is later. The
period may be extended by the Regional Director for good cause.
The nonconfidential portion of the application file is available for
inspection within one day following the request for such file. It may
be inspected at the FDIC Regional Office during regular business
hours. Photocopies of information in the nonconfidential portion of
the application will be made available upon request. A schedule of
charges for such copies can be obtained from the Regional Office.